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Women's Health Blog. But one can connect to the other. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that controls the way each cell in your body uses energy.

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The hormones produced by the thyroid gland influence virtually every cell, organ, and system in the body, including those that involve sexual health and pleasure. It should come as no surprise, then, that thyroid disorders often are associated with sexual dysfunction issues. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism have been linked to erectile dysfunction ED for men, painful intercourse for women, and low libido for both genders, among other problems.

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In general, sex drive gradually decreases as we age. Original research from the s by Dr. Finally, at age 60, men typically had a higher sex drive than women.

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Introduction: Although hyperthyroidism is characterised by female predominance, its presence may lead to the development of numerous complications in both sexes. This study was aimed at investigating sexual function and depressive symptoms in men with overt hyperthyroidism of autoimmune and non-autoimmune origin. As well as measuring serum hormone levels and antibody titres, and determining calculated parameters of thyroid homeostasis, all included patients filled in questionnaires evaluating sexual function International Index of Erectile Function IIEF and assessing the presence and severity of depressive symptoms Beck Depression Inventory-Second Edition — BDI-II. Results: Compared with control subjects, men with overt hyperthyroidism obtained lower scores for erectile function, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function and overall satisfaction.

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What is hyperthyroidism? What are the signs of hyperthyroidism? What causes hyperthyroidism?

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The thyroid gland is a tiny gland that produces the hormones which affect the body's metabolic process. When these hormones are produced in less or more quantities, it may result in an imbalance of the thyroid gland, leading to a range of thyroid issues including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and others. Overproduction or underproduction of the thyroid hormones can also cause a variety of other symptoms and conditions.

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The clinical names for an overactive thyroid gland are: hyperthyroidism excess of thyroid and thyrotoxicosis poisoning by the thyroid. The main causes of an overactive thyroid gland are:. There are two groups of problems which can turn the thyroid into an overactive state.

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Electronic address: whellst tulane. Recent reports have documented an increased prevalence of sexual dysfunction among patients with thyroid disorders. As such, it is important for sexual medicine physicians to be primed on the presentation of patients with overlying sexual and thyroid dysfunction to allow for proper management. AIM: To review the available literature exploring the relationship between thyroid disease and sexual dysfunction in men and women.

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Thyroid disease in men involves many of the same symptoms as those that affect women with a thyroid disorder. Men, however, may also experience some manifestations of a thyroid issue that are unique to their sex—some of which you may not immediate associate with such a concern, such as low sperm count, loss of muscle mass, and erectile dysfunction. Many men don't consider that they could have thyroid disease, even if they present with classic symptoms.

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Some of more well-known symptoms of a thyroid condition, such as weight changes, fatigue, or mood changes, can affect your sex life. Being overweight, exhausted, anxious, or depressed can all cramp your style in the bedroom. But thyroid disease — especially when undiagnosed and untreated, or poorly treated — can cause many specific sexual problems in both men and women.


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