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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. You know what happens when you assume.

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Prior to the events in this comic, Cueball has evidently told Megan that he made an assumption about something. Megan starts to respond with a takeoff on the modern proverb: "When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. However, when Megan evokes the proverb in the modified form "You know what happens when you assume", Cueball astutely points out that her phrasing itself is hypocritical in that it makes the assumption that he knows what happens when you assume.

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E ighty years ago, researchers began one of the longest and most complicated projects to understand human behavior in history. It would take almost 50 years to complete. But their work would define an entire field of psychology.

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Share not know one's ass from one's elbow. Resources for not know one's ass from one's elbow. Comments on not know one's ass from one's elbow.

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It knows everything. But apparently not. And all of a sudden, he leaps out of the box, runs in tight circles in an absolute panic which in a bathroom that small is a good trickand comes to a skidding stop in front of my feet, at which point he crouches, body rigid, eyes black, ears locked back, tail whipping back and forth like we are both about to be devoured by aliens only he can see.

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Have you ever experienced a setback that seemed to suck the life out of you? Bad things happen to us. So you better have a strategy to deal with setbacks.

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With both of our vehicles jam packed, my parents and I set off to move me to Calgary. I was excited for a fresh start, and to press reset on everything. It was time for a second chance.

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For instance, British speakers use "ass" in the sense of "stupid person" despite using "arse" and "arsehole" for the anally-related meanings. Why does the second definition of "ass" assume that anyone using it is a heterosexual male or a lesbian? The list of synonyms is even worse.

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How many mistakes are made, and relationships broken as a result of guesswork and making assumptions? Be careful not to assume! This week there were a number of incidents that happened whereby the people around me just assumed things, and took decisions!

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Learner's Dictionary mobile search. Learner's Dictionary. I made an ass of myself at the party. I wish he'd admit to his mistakes instead of always trying to cover his ass.