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This type of kyphosis is most commonly seen in boys and may become noticeable during adolescence. The kyphosis is related to abnormal development of the vertebrae in the spine usually the upper back, thoracic spine which leads to wedge-shaped, instead of rectangular-shaped vertebral bodies. Additionally, there can be abnormal development of the intervertebral discs leading to herniations into the adjacent vertebrae uncommonly into the spinal canal.

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Background: Scheuermann's disease is regarded as the most common cause of structural hyperkyphosis within adolescents without any proper treatment. It may lead to progressive deformity and back pain which influences patient's quality of life during adolescence and adulthood. Treatment approach to Scheuermann's kyphosis has not been clearly defined due to its different definitions and obscure natural history.

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Treatment for Scheuermann's kyphosis depends on the patient's age, severity of the curve and, if there are any neurological problems very uncommon. However, the course of treatment is generally the following: Unless the kyphosis is severe, most physicians prescribe a period of observation with yearly exams and x-rays to see if any increase in the curvature takes place. Photo Source: RF.

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Article by Shane Armfield. Scheuermann's disease causes the abnormal growth of usually the thoracic upper back vertebrae, but it can aslo be found in the lumbar vertebrae. In Scheuermann's disease, one side the back of the vertebral body grows normally and the front grows more slowly or abnormally.

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Research shows that there are probably a lot of factors responsible but that it may run in some families. Pain is often the most noticeable symptom for adult patients. Other signs are tightness of the pectoral muscles chest muscleshamstrings strong bands of tissue at the back of the thighsand hip flexors inner hip muscles.

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Trunk translation in the sagittal plan was 4. Quality-of-life score was 3. In addition, a home exercise program HEP was recommended.

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InDanish radiologist Holger Werfel Scheuermann described the characteristic rigid kyphotic deformity that differed from the more flexible postural round back. Today, the etiology remains unknown. In addition to pain at the deformity level, there are reports of tight hamstrings, low back pain and spondylolysis associated with the disorder. This may be related to the hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine seen in these patients.

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The section of spine from below the neck to the bottom of the rib cage is called the thoracic spine. From the side, the thoracic spine appears slightly rounded. This normal curve is called kyphosis.

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Several factors determining the best treatment include:. Allowing an abnormal curvature to continue could cause considerable pain and disfigurement over time. A young person with a slight curvature who is still growing, shows no sign of the curvature worsening, and has mild or no pain may not require intervention. Instead, the individual could be monitored by a doctor and undergo periodic X-raysor other tests, to track the curvature.


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