Asian values vs western values

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Amartya Sen, Morgenthau Memorial Lecture, Injust when the Declaration of Independence was being adopted in this country, Thomas Paine complained, in Common Sensethat Asia had "long expelled" freedom. In this lament, Paine saw Asia in company with much of the rest of the world America, he hoped, would be different.

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Inthe Bangkok Declaration on Human Rights affirmed the commitment of various Asian states to the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights while calling for greater emphasis to be given to economic, social, and cultural rights in comparison to civil and political rights. The Singaporean political leader, Lee Kuan Yew, became a strong advocate for this position, arguing that Asian societies had different values from Western societies and that these values were in important respects superior. He emphasized the Confucian tradition as a source

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Although the U. International Sinologists conduct a great amount of research, but do not truly understand China. On the other hand, Chinese scholars do not have a clear understanding of themselves.

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Alfred M. This is a personal contribution to this issue of the Review. A lively debate throughout the s on the universal nature of rights and values, and whether these are compatible with the values and concepts of rights common to Asian peoples, has attracted the attention of politicians and scholars in Asia and elsewhere. Its political, economic, social, cultural and moral ramifications, its substance, its name, the characterization of the issues, and even the identity and position of many of the individuals who have chosen to take a stand on it or on issues they see as inextricably related, have provoked clashes [1 ].

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Jump to content. Asian values have been extolled for their contribution to the "miracle" of Asian economic development and censured for their role in Asia's financial meltdown. But whether praised or blamed, Asian values are assumed to be pervasively shared among the dozen countries and 2.

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One of the major differences between China and the West is the importance which the family — with its hierarchical structure and its complex web of social roles, regulations, duties, and moral values — has in Chinese society see: Filial Piety in Chinese Culture. Despite major social and economic changes, the Chinese-speaking world has retained some of the core elements of the traditional Confucian family. This is also demonstrated by the fact that the legal system of countries in the Chinese-speaking world has been heavily influenced by Confucian values.

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Asian valuesset of values promoted since the late 20th century by some Asian political leaders and intellectuals as a conscious alternative to Western political values such as human rightsdemocracyand capitalism. Advocates of Asian values typically claimed that the rapid development of many East Asian economies in the post-World War II period was due to the shared culture of their societies, especially those of Confucian heritage. They also asserted that Western political values were unsuited to East Asia because they fostered excessive individualism and legalism, which threatened to undermine the social order and destroy economic dynamism.

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Asian values was a political ideology of the s, which defined elements of society, culture and history common to the nations of Southeast and East Asia. It aimed to use commonalities — for example, the principle of collectivism — to unify people for their economic and social good and to create a pan-Asian identity. This contrasted with perceived European ideals of the universal rights of man. The popularity of the concept waned after the Asian financial crisiswhen it became evident that Asia lacked any coherent regional institutional mechanism to deal with the crisis.

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BBC Sites:. Vienna Declaration. Protecting human rights.

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This is the old United Nations University website. Khong 3. Hitchcock 4. A Clash of Values?