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The show was a bona fide success. Its pilot episode broke the record for the highest rated debut on ABC Family with 2. Now, looking back, I chuckle because the controversial storyline of a teen girl getting knocked up is a mere B-plot in teen dramas today.

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A recent Wall Street Journal article argues that young adult fiction has grown too gruesome, especially as they're dominated by horror, vampires and violence. Many parents and educators have been responding to the article, with some saying that tackling tough issues can help develop teens' moral sensibilities. Also joining the conversation are acclaimed young adult author Patricia McCormick and young adult librarian Candice Mack.

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Billie Eilish had long been groomed for global superstardom by her pushy parents but now that she has it as a year-old, there are signs she is struggling to cope. Music insiders think Billie and her legion of young fans could save the music industry — but her success has come at a price. It is a far cry from the relentlessly upbeat teeny pop that launched Justin Bieberbut Billie shares a similar career trajectory to her hero.

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Ben Travers. Returning from a summer spent in rehab, after her younger sister found Rue covered in her own vomit from a nasty drug overdose — Rue is an addict, and a resilient one at that. Over the first four episodes, Rue repeatedly puts herself in dangerous situations, all in pursuit of the fleeting feeling of — not euphoria, but nothingness; an absence from the dreary existence that otherwise clouds her days.

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Jessie, a something male in New York, had clicked on what he thought was an innocuous selfie on Instagram, the kind of photo we've come to expect from a generation which thinks the best way to prove your worth is to purse your lips while staring into a water-stained bathroom mirror. Jessie was creeped out, but what he noticed next disturbed him most: The picture had received thousands upon thousands of likes. Accounts with blank profile photos, or of older men.

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Much as I loved reading about groupies and spies and Hollywood wives, and drug addicts and murderers, I was not one of them. Though some of the girls at my school were already sexually experienced, in spite of my racy reading, I was not. I think about teen-reader me a lot when I hear about adults bemoaning the dark material in Young Adult books.

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Ben Travers. The teens of Greendale High like dissecting the allegories within zombie movies and push back on books banned by their school. Moreover, the main characters are a diverse, open-minded set and their adventures often revolve around rebelling against the oppressive control of others — mainly men.

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Rapist-slaying vigilantes, teacher-pupil sex, revenge porn. The kids might be far from alright inbut with the TV industry more engaged with their reality than ever, teen dramas — whether coal-black thrillers or pop culture-heavy dramedies — are only getting better at tapping into the harsh world facing Generation Z ie those young people who were born, if you can believe it, after the year As well as serving up thrills, the programme ventures into the identity politics zeitgeist — namely around feminism, and what it means today — as well as delving into the moneyed, drug-fuelled underbelly of elite British universities at a time of rising tuition fees and increased inequality. Indeed, while the titular in-crowd in Clique initially seem empowered by their place in society, their dominance comes at a cost for the other women around them — and ultimately themselves.

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Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Instead, the Zendaya -starring series lives in the painful come-down period that follows a dizzying, seems-fun-at-the-time drug binge.

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Snapchat is an application for mobile devices that allows users to send photos and videos called snaps to other users. However, unlike with photos or videos sent via text or email, those sent on Snapchat disappear seconds after they're viewed—the sender gets to decide how long a photo will "live," from one to 10 seconds, after it's viewed. The idea is that users can send time-limited photos that might be embarrassing or just silly without a significant fear that it will find its way to other social media sites where it might live forever. Sounds good, in theory, but the problem is that there actually are ways to capture and recover images, which is why no one should develop a false sense of security about sending them.


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