Asian developed duck eggs

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Wikimedia Commons A balut egg in its shell. Even those with an iron stomach may cringe at the sight of the balut egg. The sight of a small animal inside of your hard-boiled egg is usually the stuff of nightmares, but in the Philippines, its the stuff of culinary fascination.

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By now, a lot of people already know or at least heard of Baluta very popular delicacy in Southeast Asia but particularly in the Philippines. What some people fail to understand, though, is that this delicacy, no matter how grotesque it may look like, is actually enjoyed by many Filipinos and other people from Asia. Right off the bat, balut looks nothing more than just an ordinary egg — no BS, no trendy stuff; just plain-looking egg until you start to crack it.

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By Michael Aquino. First-time visitors to the Philippines should expect a good-natured hazing from their local contacts, one that comes in a culinary dare. No trip to the Philippines would be complete they'll say without eating balut!

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A long time ago, on a smallholding in the rich Jiangnan farmlands, a farmer went about his early morning egg-collecting chores. As he sought out the nooks and crannies on the farm, he suddenly discovered a well hidden nest where the mother duck had obviously been brooding. Curious, the farmer went nearer and examined the eggs.

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Baby duck eggsas sold by Asian markets, aren't laid by baby ducks - they contain them. Thanks to Fear Factor and other horseshit reality shows, most people have heard of balut or embryonic eggs, but "fertilized egg" should be thought of as a genre of food, not a specific food item. I always hated those shows in the first place, but especially that aspect of those shows: ohgrossethnicfood.

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This article is from the archive of our partner. Well, if this whole notion of people noshing on duck embryos is new to you and you're grossed out by people eating this, here's my best stab at what this is all about:. I mean, when I was a kid my mom told me it was a pterodactyl eggs I liked dinosaurs and thought I'd be one when I grew upand got me to eat it.

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Freshly cracked opened boiled egg with developing duck embryo. Shankar s. Over the centuries, people across the globe have come to develop their own particular delicacies and special street foods that make them different from the rest.

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Destination Philippines. Facebook Twitter Email. Editor's Note — CNN Travel's series often carries sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile.

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It originated from and is commonly sold as street food in the Philippines. The Tagalog and Malay word balot means "wrapped". The length of incubation before the egg is cooked is a matter of local preference, but generally ranges between 14 and 21 days.

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See map now. Utah lsr. The main ingredient of tsampa is barley flour. When eating, add a small amount of buttered tea, milk dregs, and sugar into the barley flour and mix them evenly, then knead it into a ball by hand.


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