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This horrific treatment illustrates the broader policy changes we desperately need to ensure that no one in a correction setting - or any setting, for that matter - is denied their human or civil rights because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Today, transgender women in male prisons are 13 times more likely than the general prison population to be sexually assaulted while incarcerated. Nearly two-thirds of trans inmates report sexual assault.

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Capital Public Radio, Inc. California may be headed for a new battle over legal rights for the LGBT community. The governor recently signed a bill requiring public schools to let students use facilities and play on sports teams according to their gender identify, not their biological sex.

Transgender or the third-gender are normal human beings just like you and me! They are independent of sexual orientation and undergo a period of sexual development. Being a transgender is as natural as the process of reproduction and it is reasonable to not fit in a particular body. They are bullied and harassed since their childhood and often, due to social stigma and in the fear of not being accepted or understood, they fail to come out and express themselves to their families and friends.

They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice. This week I learned about solarization or the Sabatier Effect which reverses the tones in an image.

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This picture was taken a few years ago, back in The dress has long been donated to charity, ditto with the shoes. I had totally forgotten about taking these pictures, but seeing them now brought back a lot of fond memories of being young.

Positive images that say something - that actually mean something special to the people who took them. Images that capture the essence of what trannying means to a particular person. It might be an object, a place, an activity or a person - whatever, it doesn't really matter.

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A medical team from Mount Sinai in New York City is the first to formally report on the details of an experimental therapy that allowed a transgender woman to exclusively breastfeed her newborn baby for six weeks. Over the years, trans women have used various do-it-yourself treatments to induce lactation, with mixed results and only anecdotal reports of success. The details of the case report can now be found in the journal Transgender Health.

It's not fun. But I haven't been ignoring you. Wishing you all well this month of December and beyond.


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