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Skip Navigation. A catheter is used to insert a small balloon through the nose to open a blocked Eustachian tube. Inserting a small, balloon-like device in a blocked eustachian tube may bring lasting relief to the millions of children and adults who suffer from chronic eustachian tube dysfunction each year.

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Myringotomy is a surgical procedure in which a small incision is made in the eardrum the tympanic membraneusually in both ears. The English word is derived from myringa, modern Latin for drum membrane, and tome, Greek for cutting. It is also called myringocentesis, tympanotomy, tympanostomy, or paracentesis of the tympanic membrane.

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Is there any reason an month-old cannot fly after ear tube placement? Her mother in Boston is trying to use this excuse to keep my daughter from coming out to California in April as ordered by the courts. Please help!

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A myringotomy is a procedure to create a hole in the ear drum to allow fluid that is trapped in the middle ear to drain out. In many cases, a small tube is inserted into the hole in the ear drum to help maintain drainage. Hearing loss due to fluid build-up should improve as well.

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Ear tubes are tiny, hollow cylinders, usually made of plastic or metal, that are surgically inserted into the eardrum. An ear tube creates an airway that ventilates the middle ear and prevents the accumulation of fluids behind the eardrum. Ear tubes can also be called tympanostomy tubes, ventilation tubes, myringotomy tubes or pressure equalization tubes.

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Painful ear infections are a rite of passage for children—by the age of five, nearly every child has experienced at least one episode. Most ear infections either resolve on their own viral or are effectively treated by antibiotics bacterial. In these cases, insertion of an ear tube by an otolaryngologist ear, nose, and throat specialist may be considered.

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A myringotomysometimes called by other names, is a surgical procedure in which a tiny incision is created in the eardrum tympanic membrane to relieve pressure caused by excessive buildup of fluid, or to drain pus from the middle ear. A tympanostomy tube is inserted into the eardrum to keep the middle ear aerated for a prolonged time and to prevent reaccumulation of fluid. Without the insertion of a tube, the incision usually heals spontaneously in two to three weeks.

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Timothy C. Hain, MD Last edited: February 24, Please read our disclaimer.

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A myringotomy, or surgery to make a hole in the ear drum, is a common surgery. It is typically paired with the insertion of a typanostomy tube, a tiny tube that is placed in the newly created hole in the ear drum, which allows infectious material to drain from the middle ear. The surgery may be performed on both ears if necessary, or only one if the middle ear problem is present only on one side.

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