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Hiring young women to strip at a funeral ceremony might strike some as scandalous, but for many in Taiwan it is an important part of the grieving process. Marc L. Trailers can be viewed at: people.

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Updated February 22, Earlier this week China launched a crackdown on the bizarre practice of families that hire strippers for funeralsreportedly in order to entice more mourners to come and pay their respects. But while it is a relatively recent trend and controversial phenomenon in China, it is apparently a decades-old and well-established practice in other places in Asia, like Taiwan.

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Funeral strippers are exotic dancersusually young women, who sing and dance and remove clothes at a funeral or in a procession to a funeral as a way to celebrate the life of the deceased and to attract mourners. It spread to rural regions of mainland China but the Chinese government has attempted to end this practise, deeming it offensive and obscene. As a rite of passagefunerals around the world often have singing and dancing to mark the occasion, although the practice of stripping naked is rare.

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Going on holiday is a rare treat for Giselle. Just after a couple of days sightseeing in Taiwan she was dying to peel off her sensible outfit, put on a sexy number, and dance. And the first time is simply heart-pumping. Read More…….

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Amidst the flashing neon lights and blaring pop music, the audience hoots and cheers loudly as girls in short skirts and bikinis emerge on the stage from a cloud of smoke. They twirl around poles, kicking their heels and swinging their legs, still managing to flash a playful smile as they hang suspended in mid-air. This is what a Taiwanese funeral looks like.

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A dancer performs during a temple festival in northern Taoyuan county. Folk religion in Taiwan is a unique mixture of the spiritual and the earthly, and one of its most remarkable manifestations is the practice of hiring showgirls to perform at festivals, weddings, and even funerals. Their job: to appease the wandering spirits.

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You might not expect this as a traveller, but the Taiwanese capital of Taipei has one of the most amazing nightlife scenes in the world. The simple reason for this is, the nightlife in Taipei is just so happening, that the party stops only when it is time for the sun to rise. Not only that, the nightlife of this world can easily compete its counterparts in other bigger cities of the world when it comes to affordability factor.

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Voyage Asie Pacifique Taiwan. Are there strip clubs in Taipei, Taiwan? Signaler un abus.

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Should you meet your demise in Taiwan, a funerary option open to you is the Electric Flower Car EFCa wheeled, neon-lit platform upon which pulchritudinous women strip down to their skivvies for the benefit of audiences Moskowitz about this practice, which is detailed in his recent documentary Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan. Moskowitz told us about the societal role of EFC entertainers, who often perform their titillating trade in front of the bereaved family and neighborhood passers-by.

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The idea caught on. One recent day, three young women gyrated their bikini-clad bodies and sang popular songs atop a van in a noisy funeral procession that wound through the streets of this hilly Taipei suburb. Government officials describe the erotic funerals as offensive to both living and dead, but proceed carefully lest the events qualify as legitimate displays of Buddhist ancestor worship.


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