Uk 23 centimeter amateur band info

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After the last reports and slides received by the author, it seems that radio amateurs will lose the 23 cm band in the near future. That is the reason for this late proposal. We can be optimistic, but more than a small piece of spectrum for near band communication will not survive.

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In my case I have totally NO experience with 23 cm and it's behaviour, besides working a couple of hours in a contest once as guest operator. I am more and more thinking about 23cm lately, as it seems THE band where a lot of activity isaccording to the latest contest results. What is i.

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The 23 centimeterMHz or 1. The amateur radio band is between MHz and MHz. The amateur satellite band is between MHz and MHz, and its use by satellite operations is only for up-links on a non-interference basis to other radio users ITU footnote 5.

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Notice: Effective Feb, 23, General, Advanced, Amateur Extra licensees: 1. Amateurs can not cause inference to and must accept interference from the Primary Government users.

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Ham radio is cool, but it can be very nerve wracking to talk to someone using it. Talking to someone using ham radio is commonly known as a 'QSO' or a 'contact'. Although it can seem really scary at first, you won't regret a moment of it.

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Forgot Password? For each band, only those license classes with privileges on that band are listed. Technician licensees have limited privileges below 30 MHz.

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They are very different to the HF ham radio bands in their character, but this means that they provide a different challenge and a different area of interest within the hobby of amateur radio. The UHF ham radio bands are very convenient to use. Antennas are small and amateur radio equipment for the UHF bands is compact and widely available.

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As a Technician licensee, you have free access to all amateur frequencies above 50 MHz, but what about on the shortwave high-frequency HF bands? This chart helps you follow the rules. You have many more frequencies to use on the high-frequency HF bands, as shown in the following table.

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A friend brought this news to my attention today. If all this makes its way up the ITU World Radio Conference and gets adopted it is more likely that amateur radio will be kicked out of the MHz segement as a primary service. The zip file contains a PDF document explaining that there is a legit need for non-safety aeronautical applications such as data links for border control, fire surveillance etc.


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