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I got the idea for the Hanky Panky striptease when I was drunk at a party. Anyway, I started doing it at this party, and started to take off items of clothing. When I woke up, through my hangover I realised there was an act in there.

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I did not give much thought of it until today when I got a copy of the video in my mailbox this morning sent by a friend who in turn got it from another friend. Give it to the Filipinos; whenever there are gossips, scandals and what have you in the world, we are always right there on top with the rest. Anyway, the novelty of doing a striptease while reading the news on TV is gone and with only a few exceptions, people still prefer watching the traditional way of delivering the news on TV that is with clothes on rather than watching attractive anchors stripping down to their birthday suit while awkwardly reading news of bombings in some far away country.

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Ursula Martinez steps on to a podium to perform the final part of Hanky Panky, the magic strip tease that has made her a cult figure. There is a second of total silence. You'd think she'd whipped a pistol out.

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The mischievous look on her face is the first clue that this Spanish-born, British-based performer is going to give Gypsy Rose Lee a run for her money in this adults-only burlesque show, now playing at off-Broadway's Union Square Theatre. InI was having a dinner party at my house with a small group of friends, most of them fellow performers. We got completely hammered on homemade cocktails and ended up taking our clothes off, dancing to Sister Sledge and doing silly things to make each other laugh. The next day, through a hungover haze, I recalled the shenanigans from the night before.

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How was the act conceived? It was conceived during a very drunken night at home with some close friends. Many cocktails were drunk and much showing off ensued.

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There's a man doing aerial acrobatics over a bath tub, a magic strip tease called Hanky Panky, some hula hooping, a couple of "English Gents" who are unbelievably strong and some loud mouthed cabaret from a woman called Meow Meow. Today, Ursula Martinez, the woman behind the magical disappearing handkerchief among other things and Brett Haylock, the creative producer bringing together all the magic, join us in The Guestroom to take you backstage and behind the scenes of La Soiree. You can listen here or subscribe to our podcast.

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Rob sends a link to a video clip of Ursula Martinez doing her act called Hanky Panky. It's "a five minute choreographed magic strip-tease. The act uses a simple disappearing handkerchief conjuring trick at its core. It's a pretty impressive bit of prestidigitation.

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U rsula Martinez has paraded her nudist parents on stageintroduced audiences to ex-lovers and spent more than 15 years whipping her kit off in various comic burlesque routines. Last time we saw her, naked of course, she turned around and marched off stage, revealing a single scrap of toilet paper stuck between her buttocks. Coy, she is not.

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