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Wong for the role of Song Liling in the Broadway production of M. Mapa recurred as Renzo on Switched at Birth. Inhe debuted in his own one-man showAlec Mapa: Baby Daddywhich was made into a concert film and premiered on Showtime in

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We get to see them in all of their glory on the red carpet or in our favorite movies. We have posters of them on our walls and their pictures as screensavers. As they get more roles in television and movies, we support them in their new endeavors.

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The Doodleralso known as the Black Doodleris an unidentified serial killer believed responsible for 14 murders and three assaults of men in the gay community of San Francisco, Californiabetween January and September It is believed that the Doodler killed up to 14 people. Cavanaugh's fully clothed body was located on January 24,lying face-up on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California, in the early hours of the morning.

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Really, Dostoevsky and George Bataille influenced me much more than Silence of the Lambs ; however, I have the list they asked and would be glad to share it with you. I don't like traditional crime novels: A pair of cops searches for an evil murderer in a rainy city or on some sunny beaches. I prefer books where the writer makes their own journey to the heart of darkness, asking not "who is the killer? What does it mean -- to be a person like this?

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This article is an attempt to analyze the representation of the female killer in Monsterthe Patty Jenkins film based on the life of Aileen Wuornos. What she saw was incompatible with the media propaganda, which labeled Wuornos a cold-blooded serial killer. In making her film, Jenkins insists: "I wanted to tell the truth, I wanted to find that space in between the man-hating lesbian serial killer and the feminist hero" 1.

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Holly Thomas is a writer and editor based in London. She tweets HolstaT. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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As recently as last year, it was estimated by one non-profit organization studying unsolved murders in the FBI database that there may be as many as 2, serial killers active in the United States at any given time. Few are cannibals. Few live in rambling old mansions with secret passages and a private dungeon in the basement.

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Bad: "Hot Pursuit" "This film includes the only transgender character counted in a major studio released inand she exists only for a few seconds as a punchline. Ugly: "Get Hard" "One of the most problematic films in several years, the gay panic exploiting 'Get Hard' amounts to a nearly two-hour prison rape joke. Good: "Batkid Begins" The film included a passing appearance by a lesbian couple with their own children at the parade celebrating Batkid. The film also contains several prison rape jokes, anti-gay slurs and an extended montage of two men dancing together, which is played for laughs at the idea of two men touching.

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Watching Charlize Theron as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in writer-director Patty Jenkins's drama, Monster, one finds oneself asking: how the hell did they make such a beautiful young woman so ugly? One has to remind oneself that the woman before us, with her weatherbeaten face and Skid Row pallor, will next be seen in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers playing a young Britt Ekland. The extinguishing of Theron's beauty to produce a remarkable facsimile of a beaten-down freeway hooker must have kept squadrons of makeup artists busy and required some lengthy sessions in the Ugly Chair.

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In lateDr. Barton Lane was performing an angiogram at the Tisch Hospital then called University Hospital in the New York University radiology lab in Manhattan, when he got an unexpected visitor. In the days before HIPAA the doors were wide open for pretty much anyone to observe doctors at work, and this particular visitor was scouting a location and potential extras for a movie.


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