Asian longhorned beetle images

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This Oregon fir sawyer is the western counterpart of the whitespotted pine sawyer. It feeds on Douglas-fir, the true firs, and pine trees of western North America. Adults range from 0.

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Male Female Adult Female. Adults are drawn to recently felled, stressed, or apparently healthy hardwood trees. Hosts include healthy maple, horse chestnut, birch, Rose of Sharon, poplar, willow, elm, locust, mulberry, chinaberry, apple, cherry, pear, and citrus trees.

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Jump to navigation. It is known to occur in five distinct geographic regions of New York City, several suburbs of Chicago and more recently areas of central and eastern Massachusetts. This pest was positively identified in a small area of Worcester, Massachusetts in August but is not known to occur in any other New England state.

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In addition, CLB will readily attack apple Malus sp. Look for these signs year-round on deciduous host trees:. Adult beetles of both species are glossy black with distinct white splotches on the wing covers.

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Lifecycle Stages Asian longhorn beetles spend about 7 days within the pupal chamber as an adult before exiting the natal host China. Longevity of female and male beetles was Chinaand 73 days on A.

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State Regulated List - This map identifies those states that list this species on their regulated list. For more information, visit Invasive. Toggle navigation.

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Adult Asian longhorned beetles are less than 5 cm long and have a shiny black outer skeleton containing white spots. They have black-and-white antennae that are as long as their bodies. The upper sections of the legs of the adults are whitish-blue.

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In China, this species may have a one or two year life cycle, depending on the geographical region. The egg, larva, or pupa can overwinter. Young adults emerge from infested trees in May and may fly several hundred meters to search for a host.

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The Asian long-horned beetle Anoplophora glabripennisalso known as the starry skysky beetleor ALBis native to eastern Chinaand Korea. This species has now been accidentally introduced into the United Stateswhere it was first discovered inas well as Canadaand several countries in Europeincluding AustriaFranceGermanyItaly and UK. This beetle is believed to have been spread from Asia in solid wood packaging material.