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Beards can give an indication as to what your personality is like iStock. Interestingly, not all facial hair is created equal. Every style has its own distinct personality indicators, and anyone who has ever rocked more than a clean-shaven face knows the burly power of a mustache or beard in speaking volumes without saying a word.

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Please refresh the page and retry. From the Milibeard to Jeremy Paxman-gatethe mere hint of a famous person growing a beard can set the internet alight and leave a slew of hashtags and comment pieces in its wake. But it's not only celebs and politicians on the receiving end of beard-related hysteria.

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Take a stroll through a trendy neighborhood or flip through a fashion magazine and you may notice that hirsute faces are all the rage. Despite their trendy status at this point in time, beards are so much more than a passing fad. History has shown us that facial hair has been present in crucial moments of war, politics, and evolution.

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A long while back I posted about facial hair styles on here in " Facial Hair and Baddassedness ," essentially summing up my findings that cool facial hair nets you better results with a better reception from the opposite sex; in effect, girls just like guys with facial hair better. For me, the result was no comparison; the instant I had the right facial hair, women were telling me I was "hot" and "sexy," when these weren't words they used with me before when I was clean-shaven it was more like "cute" and "handsome". So I started recommending my clean-shaven friends to test drive some new facial hair styles, and they reported back similar results. But just in case you'd like a little further support, here what the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality has to say on the topic in a study published under the name " The Influence of Facial Hair on Impression Formation ":.

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People have long been predicting its demise but now, according to experts, the death of the beard is finally a reality. Full-on facial fuzz was said to be the defining facial hair of this generation, but after reaching its peak back init looks like men are starting to reduce their burly beards for a more streamlined look. As stylists we were seeing huge transformations from clean cut fresh faced fashionistas into big bearded hipsters.

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Here are the seven best facial-hair styles of late. All of this is proof that, if you can grow any facial hair at all, you can wear a bunch of different styles, regardless of genetics and fullness. Take your cues from these guys.

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That never mean you should pick a hipster looking beard just to show off your beard like many men do unintentionally and end up looking horrible with their amazing beard! Pick a beard style that goes with your personality, face shape, attitude and facial hair thin or thick. Not every beard style will suit everyone, so pick the right one from our list of the best beard styles for men in

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Growing a beard is the top of the pyramid for male rites of passage. Here are the coolest beard styles that will man you up instantly. Growing a beard is the top of the pyramid for male rites of passage, just above surviving a wasp sting and not crying during the end of Bambi. The journey of growing a beard demands a fair whack of patience and resilience.

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Facial hair has a long and complicated history that dates back long before celebrities — like Chris Hemsworth, Prince Harry, and Donald Glover — brought their perfectly groomed beards to the mainstream. In fact, during the Middle Ages and the 16th century, men were known to grow full beards. At one point, Charles Darwin even believed that beards were a symbol of power used to attract womenand he tried to prove that bearded men are better at procreating.

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July 7, By Nick Wilson 3 Comments. As a matter of fact, keep in mind that what looks good on others may not exactly look the same on you. We have created a list of the best beard styles for that will surely add oomph to your look. You can experiment as much as you want in order to find what really looks good on you.