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An additional Almen Strip is adhered to the holder surface to act as a sacrificial surface to place the testing Almen Strip against so that the Roto Peen Flap Assembly does not encounter a sharp edge. Best to Test: The Benefits of Almen Testing Industrial professionals who perform intensity verification and testing know this measurement is instrumental for ensuring consistency and accuracy when peening critical parts and components. By measuring the intensity of the peened shot, operators can determine compressive stress on their parts.

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Special styles can be custom ordered including a variation with end feet. Alternate configurations of Almen holders are available on special request. Screws for strip attachment are supplied with each block.

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This test is widely used on the shop floor as they are comparator measurements, calibrated originally from the MPa measurement results of the x -ray diffractometer. The aerospace industry applies the most rigid of standards when using Almen strips and checking devices. The SAE standard defines the requirements for equipment and supplies to be used in measuring the shot peening arc height and other surface enhancement processes.

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Vasai East, Jodhpur F, M. Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Verified Supplier.

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Advanced Almen gauge continues to be the finest gauge on the market. It has all the features needed to satisfy the most stringent specifications for the 2 type Almen gauge. The strip is mounted for accurate measurement so no spring or finger holding force will corrupt the reading accuracy.

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The lot-to-lot and heat-to-heat physical and metallurgical properties of Hope Supply Almen Strips have minimal variation resulting in predictable repeatable saturation curves and arc heights in production. These Almen Strips are produced with modern steel-making methods which heat treat the metal in its finished flat state resulting in a very flat strip that has equal residual stresses on both sides of the strip. The absence of a surface stain pattern makes it easier to identify peening coverage on the Hope Supply Almen Strips and their appearance is reported to be more acceptable for outside auditor reviews.

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This invention relates to shot peening and, more particularly, to measuring shot peening intensity with Almen test strips. Shot peening has been common practice in the treatment of metal components to increase or restore fatigue life. Spherical shot is impacted on the surface of a component forming very small spherical dents on the surface and imparting compressive residual stress in the component in the shot peened surface of the component.

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An Almen strip is a thin strip of SAE steel used to quantify the intensity of a shot peening process. Developed and patented by John O. Almen, the strip was originally supported by 2 knife edges; later improvements see it being supported on 4 small balls.

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Provide Feedback. Metal stamping services for the automotive and aerospace industries. Metal stamping can be stamped up to tons, and finishing options are available such as shot peening, vibratory tumbling, and deburr finishing.

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