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Justin Timberlake has used his new single to help promote the relaunch of MySpace, the social network in which he is an investor. The so-called "new MySpace" opened its doors to the public this week after internal beta testing in July last year, and an invite-only preview in September. A full page advert for the song is on the new MySpace sign up page, featuring a photo of Timberlake, who became a major investor in the business after it was sold by previous owner News Corp in

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Here is what passes for chivalry in the 2. Her name might ring a bell, as your son Ben recently wrote a sick, hurtful story about her that is now causing tremendous damage. If you do know Peaches, like many in America you probably know her from the gossip blogs as the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof.

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Eric, you must be a fag to have noticed this. We can see her ass. So the fact that i liked this post more than the facebook makes me trashy?

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Check out our all new beta Facebook Timeline Cover Generator! Start with one of our provided backgrounds to build your timeline cover, or upload your own background. Add text and create a collage with any images you want.

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One of the first social networking upstarts, MySpace, faces continuing security problems that threaten to spoil many of the innovative features that make the site useful. Hackers, spammers and Internet malcontents have turned many of the MySpace "group" sites, which are dedicated to interests such as home beer brewing, animal welfare and gay rights issues, into cyber-graffiti walls filled with offensive comments and photographs. Those trashing the group profiles are known as trolls, who delight in making a mess and try to one-up each another with aggressive vandalism.

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Chicago, IL. Science Fiction is one of her all-time favorite movies. Online, Naked goes by the alias nakedgirlsreading.

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Cory Geller sent us to a blog post by Simon Owens describing his growing disgust with the constant friend requests from the fembots and the the anonymous birthday announcements, not to mention spam wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in banner ads. You spend five minutes writing a wall post only to hit an error message when you try to post it because of all the website glitches. You read yet another news account about how some child predator using Myspace has abducted a little girl or that some hoax myspace account has caused a teenager to commit suicide.

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The pictorial will feature up to 30 young women and will draw on the now iconic brand image of the popular social networking site, but Playboy is not seeking the consent or partnership of MySpace in their preparations. MySpace already appears to be suffering a crisis of its image in the wake of several criminal investigations which implicate the site as a tool for potential sexual predators. Despite extensive disclaimers and security tips posted on MySpace.

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Words by: Aimee Cliff. New MySpace is taking great pains to make it clear that it is a place for music; every detail, from the spinning record that takes up the homepage to the blatant shout-out to musicians in the blurb, makes it clear that MySpace, under the leadership of Justin Timberlake, is sticking to its reputation as a great place for music to be unearthed and shared. It rapidly became the easiest way for musicians to build followings, and for those of us who were in those followings, it created a strange, HTML -encoded nostalgia that means we associate some of our most cherished musical discoveries and identifications with a screen full of flashing GIF s and sycophantic, fan-written comments.

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The squeaky slur of "wake up in the morning feelin' like P Diddy," the trashy lyrics about brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels, the way Kesha moved between speaking and speak-singing like a hangover prevented her from giving more — it'd all become Melissa's signature as part of her three-girl Myspace band Millionaires. Only now that model was being blasted through Top 40 radio, and would eventually catapult Kesha to global pop star status. I thought it was myself singing, it was that close.


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