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Lesbian jelly wrestling cut-scenes aren't what BioWare was going for with gay romances in Mass Effect 3. The third game is the first of the series to offer exclusively gay or lesbian love-lines via Specialist Traynor and lieutenant Cortez. Before now, you'd have the option of romancing Liara as male or female Shepard, for example.

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July Ok, I know that the producers want to spare up the money and want to earn as much as possible. And don't get me wrong I love all Mass Effect parts.

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I recently started a full replay of the Mass Effect trilogy as part of Normandy FMa retrospective podcast on the series that a friend and I started in December. I was 15 years old when the original Mass Effect launched inand as strange as it may sound, its lack of romantic relationships between two men helped me wrap my head around my own sexuality. At this age, I took the absence of romantic stories that mirrored my own as just a sign of the times.

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Have you already decided that Mass Effect Andromeda is not for you, but want to see how BioWare made sex and love in their new game, especially after all these conversations about animation? You can find the list of currently available romantic scenes with different characters below. They include not only flirting, but also overt sex between the characters.

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However, one particular romance has garnered quite a bit of attention for its… uhh… interesting depiction of inter-species space sex. A bisexual blue Asari named Peebee can be romanced by both male and female Ryder characters. Some other characters are locked squarely into orientation affinities, but Peebee swings both ways.

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Other pieces in the series can be found here and here. I have refined my thoughts on this in a new post which you can read here. BioWare's Mass Effect 3 introduces more than a compelling story and incredible graphics.

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Congrats to Bioware on the first video game sex scene that doesn't seem like it was designed specifically for semi-mentally deficient high school horndogs. I agree. It's more enjoyable watching two girls kiss in person, than watching a cartoon alien sex scene. No matter how bad that sounds, it's true.

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BioWare released the third installment of the action role-playing game series Mass Effect on March 6. And this time around, there's an option to play gay or lesbian characters. Like the world of sportsthe gaming world has been slow and resistant to addressing homophobia or including gay content.

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The game Mass Effect would now be sold with an M18 label, meaning it cannot be legally purchased by anyone under 18, the Straits Times said, citing the city-state's media watchdog, the Media Development Authority MDA. The futuristic space adventure video console game made by Microsoft was banned on Thursday because it contained what the Board of Film Censors described as a "a scene of lesbian intimacy". It is not known when the ban was imposed but it was reported in local media on Thursday.


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