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No, this brush with death doesn't seem to have made him a new, better man. He remains alternately interesting and annoying, which might also be said of the whole show. As McNamara puts it, "We have to be arrogant SOBs to do what we do," which is surgically alter people's appearances for reasons that range from saving lives to the frivolously vain.

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The audience often isn't clued into the reality of the dream sequences, so as to trick them: to allow the emotions to be swung wildly before revealing the "GOTCHA. A big example of this is in the beginning of Season 03, where it begins with an un-cued dream sequence, making you think the charming protagonist was killed by a serial killer. Than after a while, there's a cheap flash indicating leaving the dream, and we see the charming protagonist talking about this dream, where he dies at the hand of a serial killer.

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Sean McNamara and Dr. Each episode features graphic, partial depictions of the plastic surgeries on one or more patients, as well as developments in the doctors' personal lives. Liz CruzChristian's many sexual partners, and Sean's family.

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TORONTO - She's undergone countless plastic surgeries, was disfigured by a serial killer, had a cocaine addiction, built a pornography business, designed a sex doll in her likeness and joined Scientology, which made her bankrupt. Oh yeah, and she's having a child with her ex-fiance's son, whom she married just to spite her former lover. Minneapolis, Minn.

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Print E-mail Letter to the editor. Murphy's graphic, sexy plastic surgery drama, which airs Tuesday nights on the FX network, had its season premiere Tuesday night. With the storyline in a slump after last season's disappointing and fairly improbable finale, it seems that Murphy has seen fit to salt and pepper the tasteless new season with dozens of guest stars and lots and lots of gratuitous sex.

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Sleeping with Eden leads Sean to drugs, wacky rejuvenation treatments, and the middle-age blues; plus, Olivia and Julia are robbed at gunpoint, and Kimber leaves Matt. The sex-montage gauntlet has officially been thrown down! Eden and Sean finally got it on in pretty much every room of his house — even in what appeared to be the kitchen.

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Julian, who plays Dr Christian Troy, explains: "Sex scenes are a pain. A lot of the time, they're goofy and cheesy. It's not a sexy process, the whole pretending-to-have-sex thing has to happen, and it's not so sexy.

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Plastic surgery is all the rage, on the television set and in real life. The show's creator, Ryan Murphy, has declared that it is his goal in life to remove every barrier to depiction of explicit sex on over-the-air TV. He was quoted earlier this year saying, "It's tough to get that sexual point of view across on television. Hopefully I have made it possible for somebody on broadcast television to do a rear-entry scene in three years.

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I have a feeling I'm not going to get any of those, but here's hoping. How does she know that he slept with Julia? She has a camera installed in her mother's bedroom.

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Top definition. A person who appears to have had plastic surgery. It looks like Barbie has had a nip tuck and she looks good. Nip tuck unknown.


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