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Breast procedures are some of the most common cosmetic procedures performed and range from a more straight forward breast augmentation, to a more extensive breast reduction to a complex post-cancer or post-accident breast reconstruction. For a breast procedure it is key to understand which option is best suited to give the desired result, how to optimize looks and personal comfort, and how to balance the breast with the contours of the rest of the body. There are different medical and aesthetic reasons why women may choose to undergo breast augmentation such as balancing right and left breast size or shape.

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The original operating surgeon placing the implants in the wrong location almost always causes the problems. This scar tissue would cause the implant to move up vertically on the chest. There are many causes for breast implant malposition.

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Breast implants have been linked to a rare form of cancer called breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL, but for years, women have been reporting that their breast implants also cause nebulous health issues like nausea, fatigue, and pain. Some doctors and patients believe there is a condition called "breast implant illness" that's characterized by the aforementioned symptoms. While there are no tests to diagnose this illness — and plenty of doctors say it's not real — women have testified in front of the Food and Drug Administration, sharing stories about how their symptoms disappeared after getting implants removed.

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It can be performed for a number of reasons:. Breast augmentation is usually carried out after transwomen have begun taking estrogen and after they have been presenting themselves socially as females for some time. Breasts will continue to grow naturally in transwomen for up to a year and a half after estrogen treatment is started, and it is best to wait until full natural growth has been achieved before performing an augmentation procedure.

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Malposition can happen over time, as happens with capsular contracture, or quickly as a result of trauma. A poor implant choice also can cause malposition as can a technical error. During augmentation surgery, pockets are created to hold implants.

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Women consider breast augmentation for various reasons. The implant can fill up a loose skin envelope after pregnancy and breast-feeding making the breasts look full again. For small-breasted women, adding an implant can enlarge the breast so that it is more proportional and pleasing.

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Your breast implants rely on surrounding skin and tissue for support. Bottoming out is the popular term for what happens when the breast pocket has dropped lower than desired. Surgeons might refer to bottoming out as a lengthened nipple-to-fold distance.

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The popularity of breast augmentation has more than doubled sincewhen there were just overof these procedures. Given these statistics, it is not surprising that in spite of the increasing number of women with breast implants, debate continues to swirl about their safety. Many women are justifiably confused by the conflicting information they hear. Here are the facts about what is known and not known about the risks of breast implants.

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If an implant is not properly positioned behind the breast, the breast will look very odd. If the breast implant is too high, there will be an upper bulge and the nipple will tip down. If they are placed too far out to the sides, cleavage will be absent and the nipples may tip inwards.

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Would moving the nipples up so that they sit at the apex of the breasts adequately address this? I think I can live with the fact that my breasts are a bit rounder and higher than I planned if the nipples are centered. I am 5'5" and weigh pounds. Thank you for any thoughts you might share.


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