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Lump in breast. Code N63, Unspecified lump in the breast, has been expanded with new codes to provide additional specificity regarding laterality right, left, unspecifiedas well as the quadrant upper outer, upper inner, lower outer, lower inner, and unspecified. New codes have also been created for unspecified lump in the axillary tail and subareolar areas of the right and left breasts.

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ABSTRACT The finding of a palpable breast mass on physical examination often warrants a radiologic workup including directed ultrasonography, diagnostic mammography, and, at times, biopsy with ultrasonographic guidance. Communicating the clinical findings to both the patient and the radiologist helps ensure the selection of the most appropriate imaging studies and helps in the interpretation of those studies. Every woman with a palpable breast mass, regardless of her age, should undergo imaging to exclude or establish the diagnosis of cancer.

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How to cite this article: Sushila B Ladumor. Three Different Cases of Breast Fibro adenomas. DOI:

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Eggshell calcification noted in right breast in inner lower quadrant. There is well circumscribed moderately dense lesion in right breast in inner outer quadrant with regular Last month felt tender lump during self exam. There is a 1 cm mass central lateral right breast posterior depth, lobulated without internal calcifications, new

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Within the upper outer quadrant of the left breast there is a spiculated, irregular mass associated with indeterminate microcalcification. The right breast is unremarkable. Workup Mammographic views demonstrate the spiculated, ill-defined margins of the mass, with malignant mammographic features.

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When coding the diagnosis of breast conditions and the physician documents the location in terms such as positions on a clock, is it appropriate to code to the associated breast quadrant? For example, based on the statement "lump in the right breast at 11 o'clock," is it appropriate to assign code N Facilities may choose to develop a facility-specific coding guideline addressing the correlation of clock positions and breast quadrants, which would allow code selection to be based on documentation of clock position rather than requiring the provider to document the quadrant.

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Dense enlarged right axillary lymph node was also appreciated arrow. Bilateral CC and MLO views showed heterogeneously dense tissue and a retroareolar spiculated mass circle with associated architectural distortion, nipple retraction and skin thickening. Dense enlarged right axillary lymph node was also appreciated arrow References: Diagnostic Radiology, St.

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Introduction: Breast USG is an established and accurate tool for the primary evaluation of breast lumps and pathology. It also compliments X-ray mammography in further evaluation and characterization of breast masses and thus avoids surgeries in benign breast diseases and pathology. Method: For USG examination of the breast lumps, a linear-array transducer of MHz frequency is required with a good resolution machine.

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At first, learning how to use a clock might be a challenge but using one to apply a diagnosis code to breast cancer is fairly simple. The result: improperly diagnosed patients, which can affect data for research as well as reimbursement. This information allows the patient to be properly assigned the diagnosis codes C

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The breast is one of the most commonly treated sites in radiation oncology. Therefore it helps to know the correct coding. In this case use C Specify the clock position if possible as it may come into use in future editions of ICD.


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